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Multiple Traffic Tickets and Points

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Traffic tickets each carry a number of points that you will accrue based on the severity of the offense. When you accumulate too many points on your license, you could face the suspension or revocation of your driving privileges. This point system applies to in-state drivers as well as many out-of-state and Canadian drivers. At the law office of Edward T. McCormack, we are experienced in helping clients protect their rights and driving privileges by challenging both the underlying allegations and their point values in court.

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Understanding How Point Totals Are Calculated

The DMV computer system will automatically calculate your point total based on your record of traffic violation convictions within 18 months of each other. Those points are listed on your driving record as long as the conviction stands. Remember that the information about conviction and points is not removed after 18 months; only the calculation of your point total will be adjusted.

Speeding is the most common traffic violation, and the number of points associated with a speeding ticket is based on the severity of the violation, as follows:

Miles per hour over the limitPoints
Up to 103
41 or greater11

Other traffic violations carry point values ranging from two to five. For instance, child seat belt and safety seat violations carry three points, while reckless driving violations carry five points. Attorney Edward McCormack can explain the potential point consequences of your charges.

What Happens if I Reach an 11-Point Total?

Eleven points is a threshold that can have a serious impact on your rights and your license. If your point total reaches 11 points or more, the DMV will usually notify you immediately and suspend your license. If your license has been suspended, or if you have recently received a notice that your license may be suspended, now is the time to take action. Our legal team can request a DMV hearing on your behalf to challenge the evidence or waive the suspension.

Other options include negotiating charges down to reduce or eliminate points. We may be able to reduce a three-point speeding ticket to a parking ticket, in some cases. To protect your rights, it is important to know your options and work with a local and trusted attorney.

Contact a Lawyer With Experience

If you have received a traffic ticket and are concerned about points, contact a lawyer with a track record of telling it like it is and getting successful outcomes. Contact us by e-mail or call toll free at 800-686-2840.