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Aggravated Unlicensed Operation

What to Do When Facing an
Aggravated Unlicensed Operations Charge

For starters, you may not even know what an aggravated unlicensed operations (AUO) charge is, or that you are guilty of one. If you have an unpaid ticket for speeding, you could also be charged with an AUO. If you are driving on a suspended or revoked license, you will also be facing an aggravated unlicensed operations violation. Because there are many new laws and regulations in New York, and because AUO is hard for the average driver to understand, it is imperative to get the help of a lawyer who understands both the law and its implications.

When your driving privileges are on the line, call the Poughkeepsie-area law traffic violations law firm of Edward T. McCormack at 800-686-2840 for a free consultation.

Felony or Misdemeanor?

There are three "levels" of aggravated unlicensed operations, the first two are misdemeanors, and the last is a serious felony:

  • AUO 3rd: This is far-and-away the most common type, and generally involves the unpaid ticket. While it is a misdemeanor, it is still a crime and carries fines up to $500. The first thing you should do is pay the original ticket. Attorney Edward McCormack can help you from there.
  • AUO 2nd: The most typical reason for an AUO 2nd is driving on a license that was suspended for a DWI or DWAI, or for too many points on your license. It is a misdemeanor as well, but the fines increase and jail time of up to 180 days is possible.
  • AUO 1st: This is a felony charge. It is also generally related to a DWI and often is also tied to driving after multiple suspensions. Penalties can include a fine of up to $5,000 plus imprisonment.

Contact a Lawyer With Experience

If you have received a traffic ticket or have been charged with DWI / DWAI, contact a lawyer with a track record of telling it like it is and getting successful outcomes. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 800-686-2840 to schedule a free consultation.