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Fishkill Defense Firm

Defending Against All Traffic Violations

After 25 years in traffic law, we have seen virtually every kind of traffic ticket and violation possible in the state of New York. And in every case, we have worked to find creative legal solutions that allow help people keep their licenses and avoid jail. Our experience does make a difference: our practice is centered on defense against traffic violations charges, and we know how to negotiate or vigorously represent your interests in court.

Don't let that traffic ticket interfere with your freedom to drive. Call Poughkeepsie-area traffic violations defense lawyer Edward T. McCormack at 800-686-2840 to arrange for a free consultation.

Thorough Knowledge, Quick Response

Having in-depth understanding of traffic laws is important, but if your law firm doesn't return phone calls promptly and respond to your needs with urgency, what good is it? If you've been issued a traffic ticket, you have a limited time before you either have to pay up or appear in court. The sooner you call us for representation, the sooner we can begin to fight to keep points off your license and work to help you maintain your driving privileges.

Strong Background in DWI Defense

When it comes to finding an attorney who can help you in cases of DWI , felony DWI or DWAI , choose experience. Our law firm offers quality legal services at a reasonable price. Moreover, we understand your anxiety. If you have been charged for or arrested for drunk driving, call a skilled DWI lawyer. At the law firm of Edward T. McCormack, we use our background, skill and fortitude to pursue your case and take on the courts.

Contact a Lawyer With Experience

If you have received a traffic ticket or have been charged with DWI / DWAI, contact a lawyer with a track record of telling it like it is and getting successful outcomes. Contact us by e-mail or call us at 800-686-2840 to schedule a free consultation.