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Fighting Charges in Hudson Valley County and Local Courts

Experienced Fishkill Traffic and DWI Defense Attorney

Traffic violations and arraignments in New York are dealt with in the city, town and village courts. Misdemeanor and felony cases will ultimately end up in the county courts. If you or someone you love has recently received a traffic ticket or been charged with DWI, you want an experienced advocate working to protect your rights in both county and local courts.

Don't plead guilty. Contact us by e-mail or call toll free at 800-686-2840, to speak directly to a local, trusted Fishkill defense attorney.

Representing Clients Throughout the Hudson Valley

Edward T. McCormack has more than 30 years of experience handling local DWI and traffic violations cases. As a former prosecutor, he has an in-depth and practical understanding of the individual courts, as well as a professional reputation among prosecutors and judges. With strategic local advocacy, you can trust that you will achieve the best possible result in your case. We will explore every potential defense option to protect your rights and defeat your charges when possible.

Edward T. McCormack is an experienced criminal defense attorney handing cases throughout:

Protect Your Rights and Get the Results You Need

The district attorneys in each of these counties have different criteria and thresholds for willingness to consider a plea bargain. Generally, the further north you go, it is more challenging to obtain a plea bargain, because the counties closer to New York City have a higher volume of criminal and traffic cases to deal with.

Cases will always depend on the county and the district attorney in the county as well as the facts of the case. If a case involves a young person or someone who could lose his or her job, some district attorneys might plea bargain it a little differently than they would with someone else. Regardless of your position or location, you need to work with an attorney who understands the complexities of county standards and procedures.

Contact a Lawyer With Experience

If you have received a traffic ticket in any Hudson Valley county, contact a lawyer with a track record of telling it like it is and getting successful outcomes. Contact us by e-mail or call toll free at 800-686-2840. If you are located out of the area where you received your ticket, Mr. McCormack can appear in court on your behalf by affidavit.